What is home bias?

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When providing investment advice, we may discuss the idea of home bias and its potential impact.

Home bias describes the tendency for investors to put a larger portion of their portfolio into assets within their own country, like stocks and bonds. For example, a UK investor with a home bias would have a higher percentage of their portfolio invested in UK stocks and bonds than in international ones.

What are some of the reasons investors might have a home bias?

Investors often prefer to invest in companies and assets from their home country due to familiarity. This allows them to feel more comfortable as they have more knowledge and information about the domestic economy and political environment. As a result, assessing risks and potential returns becomes easier.

Another benefit of investing domestically is the reduction of currency risk. Investing internationally exposes investors to currency fluctuations, which can impact returns. However, by investing in domestic assets, investors can minimize this risk and potentially achieve more stable returns.

What are the disadvantages of home bias?

Although there are advantages to home bias, it also has its downsides. One of the biggest risks is the lack of diversification because investing solely in domestic assets means missing out on the potential benefits of international assets. Diversification can lower risk and volatility while providing exposure to different markets and sectors.

Another disadvantage is that home bias can limit potential returns. Domestic assets may not always perform as well as international assets, particularly during economic downturns or political instability. By restricting investments to domestic assets, investors might miss out on opportunities for higher returns.

Lastly, home bias might also result in concentration risk. If a significant portion of an investor’s portfolio is invested in a single domestic company or sector, they might be exposed to significant risks if that company or sector experiences financial difficulties.

Our aim is to support our clients in making informed decisions about their investment strategies. As part of this, we offer information about the benefits and drawbacks of home bias.

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