Month: August 2022

Should I consolidate my pensions?

LCP, a pensions consultancy that counts former pensions minister Sir Steve Webb amongst its employees, has published a guide looking at the pros and cons of someone combining all their pensions in one pot. To a certain extent, the guide is aimed at those looking to consolidate their workplace pensions, but the points covered can

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What is factor investing?

Factor investing is a specific way to approach investing. This approach targets specific drivers of returns across asset classes and can help improve returns and enhance diversification. How does factor investing differ from traditional investing? When looking at investing styles, there are two ends of the spectrum. At one end, you have purely active managers.

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What do bear markets look like?

We tell our clients that investing is risky. However, it is during bear markets that this becomes real. Like most fears, the best way to deal with them is to understand them, know your options, and be confident that they will pass. What is a bear market? A bear market occurs when the value of

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